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Tim talks at annual conference in France

June 9, 2011 at 12:14 pm by Lucie Simic

Tim Mellor was invited by Professor Bob Woodwards, President of British Association of Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons (BAOMS), to organise and chair a half day symposium on facial plastic surgery at the BAOMS Annual Conference in France.

Attended by over 600 people, the theme of the conference was interspecialty training opportunity. The Joint College of Surgical Training (JCST) has over the last two years overseen the allocation of surgical trainees, funded by the department of Health, into training opportunities in reconstructive cosmetic surgery.

This has enabled trainees from ENT, maxillofacial, ophtholmology and plastic surgery to work together for the benefit of both the surgeons and, of course, the patients. There are surgeons in all four specialities who undertake cosmetic facial surgery, but not every surgeon undertakes this type of surgery.  It is important that patients ensure their surgeon has an training and understanding of acial plastic surgery.

During the symposium there were two talks on rhinoplasty by Julian Rowe-Jones and Pietra Palma, a talk on blepharoplasty by Naresh Joshi and a talk on orthognathic surgery and its association with facial form from Paul Johnson.

Nice 2011 NIK_5083_2

In the photograph from left to right: T Mellor (Portsmouth), J Rowe-Jones (Guildford), P Johnson (Guildford), B Woodwards (Manchester), P Palma (Milan), N Joshi (London)