A casual bedside manner

Helen: Blepharoplasty

“Having had regular swelling around both eyes since the age of about 13, I’d been left with permanent bags and ‘overhangs’. Comments on my health and emotional state had me avoiding social events.

I decided, with headaches from constantly trying to maintain ‘raised eyebrows’, and an aching neck from using my home computer, to seek advice.

Conventional channels provided no cause or attempt at resolution. So, after some research I booked a one-to-one consultation with Tim and Lin at their clinic.

The relief at having my problem heard with understanding and knowledge of the physical, not to mention social, consequences was great. Both took the time to advise me on what could be done and the possible results with each level of remedy. All questions were answered, time provided for consideration and all options discussed.

My operation (an upper and lower blepharoplasty) took place in comfortable surroundings. All the team were approachable, attentive, friendly and very efficient – making me feel perfectly at ease. To be honest, it was the first time I have ever smiled and laughed in relation to a medical procedure.

Recovery was far less painful than imagined, only taking over-the-counter painkillers for a couple of days. The lack of washing your face was a small sacrifice, and the removal of the stitches was painless. The knowing smiles of Tim and Lin as I voiced my surprise at the end result just confirmed I’d been right in all my choices.

I’ve not had a headache since and, strangely, had clearer sinuses as well.

This Christmas, thanks to Tim and Lin, I did the unimaginable…had my photo taken!”

Helen Gooding